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What is a logbook loan?

Logbook loans are short term cash loans which are secured against your cars logbook. You are not subject to a credit check, your loan is confidential and you usually receive the money within 24 hours of your application being accepted.

Applying for a logbook loan couldn't be easier, simply call 0800 14 22 600 or apply online .

Are you tired of being declined credit? Looking to fund a holiday or business venture?

Logbook loans are the smart way to obtain finance quickly, easily and confidentially. Logbook Money are experts at providing short-term logbook loans to customers - whatever their circumstances. There’s no credit check, no messing about and no fuss. Just one call and you could have the cash you need, when you need it - even the same day. It really is that simple.

Credit has become harder for everyone to obtain in the current economic climate. Even those without a poor credit rating are struggling to secure the finances they need. Logbook loans are a sensible way to obtain short-term cash. There are no credit checks and no waiting around. Logbook Money gives you the power to source credit when you want it and how you want it. That’s the beauty of obtaining one of our logbook loans.

So how does it work exactly?

If you own a car, logbook loans are a clever way to obtain cash - even if you’ve a poor credit rating. The money we lend you is secured against your car’s logbook. But here’s the best part: You still get to keep your car. After applying for one of our logbook loans, you’ll normally receive the cash within 24 hours. After that, the money’s yours to use as you like. Pay us back when you’re ready and we’ll return your logbook. To access the money locked away in your car, just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Apply instantly online for one of our logbook loans
  2. One of our advisers will call you to discuss your requirements
  3. We’ll arrange an appointment with your local underwriter
  4. Your money will be paid there and then
  5. You still get to drive away in your car

How much can money can I receive?

That really depends on the value of your car: it could be anything from £500 up to £50,000. Just tell us a few details about your vehicle and we’ll tell you how much you’re entitled to. With one of our logbook loans, you can typically borrow up to half the value of your car and sometimes even more.

So what’s the catch?

The truth is, there isn’t one. Because we’ll retain your car’s logbook as security, you’ll be unable to sell your vehicle until the loan is cleared. We’ll call you back regarding your logbook loans enquiry at the time of your choosing. Upon payment, your logbook will be immediately returned to you.

Logbook Loans - What you can expect

With bank loans increasingly difficult to come by, securing cash against your assets is a practical way to raise finance. Normally, this may involve the prospect of having to sell the family car - an unappealing proposition to say the least. So why not secure a logbook loan instead? Logbook loans are short-term cash loans which are secured against your motor’s logbook. You are not liable to a credit check, your logbook loan is private, and you typically receive the money within 24 hours of application approval. What could be simpler? Just call 0800 14 22 600 or apply for a logbook loan online.

Struggling to get credit? Logbook Loans are easy

Arranging a Logbook loan is quick, easy and stress-free. Because we don’t mess about with red tape and credit checks, we can furnish you with the loan you need when you need it. Logbook Money appreciates that people often need quick access to cash to pay bills or other emergency expenses. That’s why logbook loans can be paid out on the very same day of application. It really is that easy. Even if you have a good credit history, you may struggle to obtain the finances you need in the timeframe you require them. Source credit when and how you desire it; the beauty of obtaining a logbook loan is that the whole process is quick and it’s secured against your own vehicle.

How to get a Logbook Loan

To get your logbook loan, all you need to do is follow our key steps. Logbook loans are secured against the vehicle - and depending on its value, you could secure a sizeable loan!

  1. Apply online for a logbook loan.
  2. One of our advisers will ring you up to discuss your needs.
  3. We will arrange an appointment with your local underwriter.
  4. Your logbook loan will be paid instantly.
  5. You’re still able to drive away in your car!

Is it really that easy to get a Logbook Loan?

If you own a car then the short answer is yes. A logbook loan is a swift and painless procedure. You get the money you need, and we receive your car’s logbook as security. You will be unable to sell your car until the logbook loan is cleared - when it is, your logbook will be returned promptly to you. The answer to your loan dilemma has been sitting in the garage all along; don’t sell your car - simply obtain a logbook loan by using your car’s value as security. Are you tired of being turned down by credit agencies? Is your bank reluctant to lend money? Turn your car into cash with a logbook loan. For more information, call free on 0800 14 22 600 or fill in the form to request a call back.

Representative Example
Total Amount of Credit Weekly Payment Fixed Annual Interest Rate Total Amount Payable Duration (Months) Document Registration Fee Representative APR
1000 35.90 120% 2800 18 FREE 442.66%

*Loan amount £1000 Total repaid if settled after 1 month (£1,229), 3 months (£1503) and 6 months (£1929).

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